One Mans’ Trash Is Another Mans’ Treasure

  I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “One mans’ trash is another mans’ treasure.”  Several weeks ago I received an intriguing email.  A lady claimed to have found a trunk that appeared to be connected with Olivet.  She explained that it had writing on the top that showed it to be from Olivet College, … Continue reading One Mans’ Trash Is Another Mans’ Treasure

Lost In the House

Many years ago I heard a message in church that made an impression on me.  It was about the parable of the woman who had several coins in her house and lost one.  She turned the house upside down looking for that one coin.  When she found it, there was MUCH rejoicing.  The preacher went … Continue reading Lost In the House

Olivet Presidents–A History of the Office of the President

One of the first projects I tackled upon becoming University Archivist was to compile a book about the office of the presidency.  The research was fascinating.  I learned quite a bit about the history of our institution (a good thing since an archivist is oft times expected to be a historian).  For the first several … Continue reading Olivet Presidents–A History of the Office of the President

ONU Alumni, We Need You

The walk in to Benner Library this morning was “heavenly”.  Birds serenaded me all the way, the grounds were abundant with flowers and plantings of many varieties.   I reached Benner Library, unlocked the door to Archives, and settled in.  Going over emails, I re-read one from the Office of Student Development entitled ‘Welcome Weeks … Continue reading ONU Alumni, We Need You

Making Old Things New

Recently, I happened upon several cassette tapes in a file folder.  They are interviews of people long gone and I need to get these interviews converted to a digital format.  And so, the research began.   Here's what I've discovered: There are two ways to convert a cassette tape to an MP3 file and save … Continue reading Making Old Things New

Seventy Five Years Young

When something reaches age seventy-five, we equate that number with old.  A car is considered an antique at the twenty-five year mark.  Corningware came out with the blue, cornflower pattern in 1958.  That would be considered 'retro'.  (I guess I'm considered retro too-1956 *tic*)  In the 60's, troll dolls became the craze.  (I owned several of the little … Continue reading Seventy Five Years Young

Curl Up With a Good Computer

Today is September 2nd.  In the Chicago area, we have already experienced some cool evenings, and even a day or two when sitting out required a light sweater.  Very soon people will be moving about campus in a much different manner--with purpose--trying to get from one building to another without getting frostbite.  Frisbee players will be … Continue reading Curl Up With a Good Computer