The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock

“The wise man built his house upon the rock, the wise man built his house upon the rock…..”  That childhood Sunday School song came to mind this week. The lower level of our library flooded last Friday during the night.  There was a pump failure and the lower level took on 2-4 inches of water.  Informatics Office, IT Department, and Media are all located there (as well as Periodicals Storage on compact shelving).  That musty “I left my clothes in the washer too long” smell was overwhelming.  Computers were fried.  Morale was low.  Large, industrial fans were brought in, and the drying/clean-up process began.  Departments pulled themselves together and have shifted their operations to other floors temporarily.

Upon entering the building,  I couldn’t bring myself to go down and have a look.  The first time water came in, the Archive Department was located down there.  (This was time number 3.)  The first time, my husband and I came in as soon as we got the news and slogged through water to help put plastic over the tops of bookshelves. (That time the water was coming in from the ceiling!)  So, this time I stayed on the main level. (By the time I found out, there was nothing to do towards helping.  Things were moved and clean-up had begun.)

To all of you who have suffered through a flood this rainy season, my thoughts are with you.  I’m hoping you are blessed with family/friends/co-workers, neighbors….to help you cope and clean up.  This has been “one for the books” as the saying goes–a soppy, moldy, water stained, pages-stuck-together book!


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