Curl Up With a Good Computer

Today is September 2nd.  In the Chicago area, we have already experienced some cool evenings, and even a day or two when sitting out required a light sweater.  Very soon people will be moving about campus in a much different manner–with purpose–trying to get from one building to another without getting frostbite.  Frisbee players will be huddled in dorm rooms, the field house at the rec center will become cluttered with track folks and others wanting to run/jog/walk without succumbing to black ice.  People find more time to curl up in a warm spot and catch up on reading.  If you find yourself among those nestling in to a cozy spot with a good read, how about using a laptop, or an iPad?

I would like to suggest two options for fun, online perusing.  1.) The Aurora Yearbooks are now accessible through Digital Commons. The web address is:  They are all there (volume 1, 1914–present).  When you open that web site, scroll through until you find the volume that interests you.  It will take several seconds to download (don’t be impatient–enjoy a sip of that hot beverage).  Soon you are re-living your youth at Olivet!  2.) The Alma Mater book (the history of Olivet) is now online also.  Here is the web address to transport you back to Olivet’s beginning:>

 Enjoy the rest of the beautiful, warm days ahead.  Fall is on it’s way and we have Homecoming to look forward to!  There will be good times to share as we reunite and celebrate; but when winter comes swooping in, find that warm corner and curl up with a good computer.


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