Making Old Things New


Recently, I happened upon several cassette tapes in a file folder.  They are interviews of people long gone and I need to get these interviews converted to a digital format.  And so, the research began.  

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

There are two ways to convert a cassette tape to an MP3 file and save to your computer.  The first way is the least expensive.  You need a cassette player, a cord with identical male ends to plug in to the players headphone jack and your computer speaker, and, software to make it all happen.  The internet provides several free software downloads, among them–Audacity and NCH.  Once you have the proper software, the process is as simple as playing the cassette and selecting the record button on  your computer screen.  The software leads you through the process and also allows you to choose a format in which to save.  

The second way to convert a cassette tape to a digital file and save to your computer is a device called a tape-to-MP3 converter.  This can be purchased through Amazon and other direct sellers.  I’ve seen them priced from $20-$60.  I haven’t purchased one (yet) but I think they come with the disc for downloading software to make the process pretty simple.  The converters have a cord with USB attachments on each end (one for the player and one for your computer).  These are a good purchase if you have a large amount of tapes to convert and don’t have a cassette player already in your possession. I also think they might do a bit more automatic sound quality control for you.

I’m just about ready to make a decision as to which route to take.  If anyone has been there/done that, and has advice, I would greatly appreciate it.  I’ll let readers know the outcome.


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