ONU Alumni, We Need You

The walk in to Benner Library this morning was “heavenly”.  Birds serenaded me all the way, the grounds were abundant with flowers and plantings of many varieties.   I reached Benner Library, unlocked the door to Archives, and settled in.  Going over emails, I re-read one from the Office of Student Development entitled ‘Welcome Weeks 2017’.  Reality check!  In a few short weeks this campus will no longer be the “heavenly” I just described.  It’ll be a different kind of heavenly.  Students will replace bird song with their own brand of ‘singing’ as they fill the air with laughter, shouted out greetings, conversations about campus life and studies, expressing fears and hopes.  The grounds will be abundant with students’ feet planted in ONU teaching, needing much love and care to help them grow.

As I consider the coming semester, I look back at what was.  Those that have graduated long ago still look young, energetic and eager to live life in the photos I keep stored in Archives.  If you are an alumni of Olivet, you can easily relate to the challenges that will come for students this coming semester.  Would you help your alma mater by praying for the students this school year?  As you remember your days at Olivet, consider those who have helped you along the way, the friends you made, the experiences and teaching that helped you become who you are today, and give of your prayer time to someone who will be walking the same paths you walked years ago.

“Tho’ life may lead us far apart, I’ll still revere you in my heart.”  (excerpt from Alma Mater, Olivet–Byron M. Carmony)


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