The Music Man


Lately, my new project in Archives is the process of bringing ONU music into the light of day.  We have a wealth of music in our secure storage that is being enjoyed by no one.  There are student recitals,  faculty recitals, Christmas concerts, Commencement concerts, guest artists and much more.  We created a You Tube channel and named it simply, ONU Archives.  Our student worker uploads my selections daily.

As I look through the programs to determine what would be of particular interest to listeners, there is a name that pops up regularly and over a long span of time.  He is the featured artist on many LP albums and also shows up countless other times; as an accompanist,  as the conductor, and still many times as the composer or the person who arranged the music.  If you are familiar with the music world or Olivet music you already know his name—Ovid Young.

‘Brilliant’ and ‘God-gifted musician’ are words I’m sure he heard throughout his life.  Ovid Young was also a well-liked man.  I didn’t know him personally, but in looking through photos, it’s easy to sense his popularity.  Searching through the audio recordings, I began to understand his popularity.  Ovid was a musician for everyone at every level of musicianship.  He was comfortable among the upper echelon of the music world and he had their respect and admiration.  However, he was also comfortable being an accompanist.  In fact, when you listen to those selections, he seems to bring the leading musicians up a notch.  Ovid shared every aspect of his talents from being front and center to being behind the scenes.

Ovid Young, ‘brilliant’ and ‘God-gifted musician’, you are still appreciated, enjoyed and missed by many that never met you.



One thought on “The Music Man

  1. This is so well said of Ovid. Certainly his ability to excel in multiple levels of musicianship is a exceptional quality. My sister, Sandra McPhail Whitaker, and I were recipients of Ovid’s accompanist prowess. A great privilege. He was fun, kind, creative, and encouraging. What stands out to me was Ovid’s humility. Incredible humility. It is accurately stated that he made anyone he accompanied feel supported and free in expression. Our dear friend is greatly missed.

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